After several days of much needed rest from digital reality, I would love to share my profound gratitude and love for the overwhelming support that was offered to us to make our album launch such a memorable and special event. I am basking in the joy and success of the night, and wish to share with you all our thanks once again. To Murraya KyleAvishai BarnatanShai Shriki and Tahir Qawwal for your musical support and offering that so beautifully enhanced the night. Thank you for all that you bring x To Carlita Lady for your delicious dressing of the space. To Trevor Wills for the projections, they added another dimension to the magick. To  and Maf Hada for dressing me so elegantly. To Travers Ross and Ella Rose Goninan for your beautiful movement offerings. To Nic Kain and Kali Lunar Diamond for your support with logistics and merch. To Arterium Angledaland Linda for your images and film. x To Jemmita Inkari Kuyay for priestessing our Solstice ritual, your presence and intent were so perfect, it was my dream come true x To Cye Wood and Purdie Wood, for filling the space with pure celestial magic with Cave in The Sky, it was an honour to share the evening with you. To our Vesica Pisces musicians, John FredericksDominic Rado BJ Rees Jaysuhn Kay and Cye Wood, thank you for your commitment to really bring forth a big dream. Thank you for all the unpaid time invested, for the dedication to art, for each of you individual genius and love of your craft. It is an blessing and a privilege to play with you. And to my community who supported this journey, and the evening with your presence and support, to headline a sold out show with a standing ovation is truely a highlight in my career and a first for me as an artist. I am touched and humbled and stoked and excited for what is to come. I hope that you were inspired, moved, serenaded, and awakened to your divine nature through this creative offering. I pray that this creative offering plants seeds in your hearts for your own perfectly unique way that you make magick with your inspiration. To Creator, Great Spirit, Divine Mystery for guiding us, for bringing us together, for the inspiration, for the blessing and privilege of creating music in this life. To this life in all your shapes and forms, you have fuelled the fire that burns within us to feed the Gods with our eloquence. 
We are truely blessed.
Thank you

Vesica Pisces is interviewed by The Echo Byron Shire

Vesica Pisces is interviewed by The Echo Byron Shire

Vesica Pisces were stoked to be interviewed in the lead up to the local launch of "By Water Formed" by Mandy Nolan from the Echo. 

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Vesica Pisces 'By Water Formed' Album Launch with Cave in the Sky

2. vesica pisces album launch A3.jpg

are delighted to invite you to join us in a very special evening of music, ritual and celebration as we launch our debut album

on the Summer Solstice
December 21, 2017
@ The Byron Theatre
Byron Bay Community Centre


Tickets $25
Available online @ www.byroncentre.com



or by calling (02) 66856807

Tickets also available on the door.

Doors open @ 7.00 pm



Vesica Pisces will be joined by special guest artists who featured on the album, including
Tahir Qawwal
Avishai Barnatan
Shai Shriki
and Cye Wood

Visuals by Deep Time Media

Live dance performance by Ikaiou Raven

Live dance performance by Travers Ross

More guest announcements coming soon

The music of Vesica Pisces has been described as “ancient sound, modern form”.

From the glacial waters of the Holy Ganges in India, the writing of 13th century Persian mystics, to the ancient Earth worship ceremonies of the British Isles, Vesica Pisces draws inspiration from across the globe in a tapestry of sound, breaking down genre barriers to create a truly unique musical experience.
Weaving eastern tinged guitar, cinematic layers of strings, exotic traditional percussion with down tempo beats, deep melodic bass lines, sound collage and design with soaring vocals, Vesica Pisces aspire to make music that is timeless, powerful, emotive and enchanting. 

The blending of these elements creates a sound that is often compared to the music of Nitin Sawhney (India/USA), and Dead Can Dance (Australia), and Cinematic Orchestra (UK). Lead vocalist Rebekah Ray is often compared to Katie Noonan (AUS) and Lisa Gerrard (AUS).

The vision for this album has been very grand from the onset: to compose beautiful, simple melodies inspired by music from around the world and to build around them a cinematic sound, rich and textural, seamlessly fusing acoustic instrument and traditional percussion with electronic beat programming, sampling and sound design. An album that stands the test of time. Something that we would be proud to show to our grandchildren. An offering to the collective for all that has inspired and driven us to create. This vision has taken many moons of dedication, perseverance and great initiation. The fruits of this labour is what we will be sharoing with you on this auspicious time, the Summer Slostice. 

There is an obvious uniqueness to Vesica Pisces music. The Music is strong; performed in the studio, and in the live setting by world class musicians whom have played as soloists and band members with some of Australia’s most successful acts including Angus and Julia Stone, Blue King Brown and Lisa Gerrard. The music of Vesica Pisces truly reflects the diversity, excellence and energy within contemporary Australian musical culture. As well as the fusion of eastern scales, time signatures and instrumentation with western harmonies and orchestration, Vesica Pisces' music has a message, a message of contemplation, a push to explore our directions in our search for what is truely sacred, for meaning and cross-cultural appreciation, inspiration and understanding.

The evening will include a performance by



Cave In The Sky was formed by multi-instrumentalist Cye Wood.

He will be sharing music from the debut album Sönghellir, released by Swedish label 1631 Recordings. Sönghellir draws inspiration from both real and imagined landscapes, and was named after a cave located beneath Snæfellsjökull Glacier in Iceland where the final recordings for the album were made. 

What began as a collection of simple yet intricate pieces grew into an album that fuses a wide range of sound sources. These include Cye's use of piano, guitar, violin, field recordings and voice, and also contributions from Paul Corley (sound design), Hamish Stuart (drums), James Haselwood (bass), Simon Green (percussion/harmonica), Matt Ostila (percussion/bass), Tunji Beier (percussion) and Purdie Wood (vocals).

Equally at home in an intimate concert setting as on the festival stage, Cave In The Sky has mesmerised audiences around the world, including sets at Earth Frequency Festival 2016 (AU) and Landjuweel Festival 2016 (NL). This performance will also feature vocalist Purdie Wood.