WHirlpools of prayer dissolve into dreams


Based in the Byron Shire, NSW Australia, Vesica Pisces are an emerging 7 piece band blending traditional acoustic instruments with cutting edge electronica. 

Here they have written, rehearsed and prepared the songs for their debut album. Since inception, they have performed at several Australian Festivals, including Splendor in the Grass and Byron Spirit Fest. 

Right now Vesica are living and breathing the creation of “By Water Formed”!! 

The vision for this album has been very grand from the onset: to compose beautiful, simple melodies inspired by music from around the world and to build around them a cinematic sound, rich and textural, seamlessly fusing acoustic instrument and traditional percussion with electronic beat programming, sampling and sound design. And to take the music to the concerts halls, theatres and festivals throughout the globe.




 Written by {GalaxyStone} on Vesica Pisces

 In a era of deforestation, pollution, corporate business, police brutality and apathy, the human spirit may waver. So much distraction from nature. So much injustice. One cannot be blamed for forgetting the true universal heart, the love that dances in the void. The only place that can never be conquered. The place from where we scream, "Hallelujah anyway! We love! We care! We are free! "

  With all my being I am grateful for having been reminded.True art will connect the dark and the light…Stir the soul…Kindle the flame of gratitude that begs to give thanks for the beauty in every human being's eyes. Change begins from this. Something has stirred. Existence is altered. What power is it that overwhelms one with grief and honouring? Could it be true magic? Something truly sacred... Out of swamp blossoms lotus...

At a time where an awful lot of music, (peoples' art, we must remember), portrays a reality of sex without love, respect or connection. And of life without joy or stillness. With all my heart I give thanks to the artists that are Vesica Pisces. It is with great respect that I introduce these artists who dare to tear down the veil!  To close the great divide between Heart and Art in our modern world. It fills me with joy to hear music that is, first and foremost, a pure offering of the heart. This music is about Beauty, about Love, about Inspiration, about cutting down the unworthy aspect of ourselves that serves us not and Offering our Hearts, full of Love, full of Blood, our Essence, to the Great Mystery in Awe of our innate and universal Connection with the Divine. 

It is through the medium of Heartsong, Eastern/World folk inspired, often orchestral, cinematically rich sound with electronic and experimental drone elements that Vesica Pisces share their Vision with the world. The magnificent seven piece line-up also often features world renowned musicians such as Cye Wood (Cave in the Sky) and Tahir Faridi Qawwal (Fanna-Fi-Allah) making their epicness even more so. Gathering inspiration from ancient Sufi poetry and Powerful Mantra, they inspire the sleeping Serpent to rise, they sing that the time has come to Give back. The only time is Now. The song ends but the Touch lingers.

 I take this music as a challenge to each and every one of us…Bring back the Depth, bring back the Offering, bring back the Wonder so we may dismantle our shells of protection, and build and grow, with Nurturing Respect, something Beautiful that may actually be reflective of the Good.

In the eloquent words of a great hero of mine, Saul Williams, (who dares in a Hip-Hop reality to offer his 'breakbeat' to the goddess) 

...   "We enlist every instrument; acoustic,electronic...every so-called race, gender and sexual preference...every person as beings of sound to acknowledge their responsibility to uplift the consciousness of the entire f*cking world!"